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    Painters | Staining Milwaukee Co | WI

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      Milwaukee County  
    Find a Local Contractor
    Find a Local ContractorFind a Local Contractor Find a Local Contractor
    Find a Local Contractor
    Find a Local Contractor

    Painter Services Milwaukee County | Wisconsin

    Painters & Painting Contractors Typically Work With: lead abatement, power washing , deck staining, faux finishes, faux finishing, interior painting, exterior painting, spray painting, roller painting, brush painting, trim painting, low VOC application, wall paper, wallpaper removal, textured application, sponge painting, knock down texture, waterproofing, epoxy coating, polyurethane finish, top coat, staining, surface preparation, oil based painting, latex painting, water based painting, stain blocking, scent control, acrylic painting, wood filling, color matching, sandblasting, and more.

    Painters & Painting Contractors are Ones That: do a lot more than cover your house or room with a coat of paint. They also: Assess the condition of the walls or structure to be painted. Recommend the best type of paint, varnish, or stain for the job. They take durability, method of application, how the room will be used (e.g., if there are small children in the home, they may recommend a washable paint), and other factors into account. Provide an estimate that will include both cost and length of time to do the job. Order the paint, helping you match colors and sometimes mixing their own colors if you have opted for a faux finish. Prepare the surfaces so the paint or other finish will adhere correctly, and the finished product will meet quality standards. Prep work may include stripping old coats of paint, removing wallpaper, filling nail holes and cracks, sandpapering uneven spots, brushing off dust, taking steps to prevent mildew, etc. On new surfaces, a painting contractor applies a sealer or primer as necessary. Protect your furniture, floor, and plants from paint or other finishes. Spray, brush, or roll the paint or finish onto the surface. Clean up after themselves, removing all equipment and properly dispose of any remaining paint. If you have an older home with lead paint, the contractor will ensure it is handled by state and federal regulations. Most painting contractors will also help you decide what colors will work best for your project. They can know what type of paint (flat, semi-gloss, or gloss) will create the effect you're after. Some painting contractors do specialty finishes, called faux finishes, such as color washes, rag-rolling, marbleizing, sponge painting, etc. Painting contractors may also be able to hang sheetrock or wallpaper, although not all painting contractors offer that service. Some painting contractors can also do carpentry repairs to exteriors. Painting contractors who do not provide these extra services usually know professionals who do and will often coordinate those services for you.

    Our Painting and Painter Service Areas

    Milwaukee County Wisconsin cities we service include Bay View WI 53207 Bayside WI 53217 Brown Deer WI 53209 53223 Cudahy WI 53110 Fox Point WI 53217 Franklin WI 53132 Glendale WI 53209 53211 53212 Glendale WI 53217 Greendale WI 53129 Greenfield WI 53219 53220 53221 53228 Hales Corners WI 53130 Milwaukee WI 53201 53202 53203 53204 53205 Milwaukee WI 53206 53207 53208 53209 53210 Milwaukee WI 53211 53212 53213 53214 53215 Milwaukee WI 53216 53217 53218 53219 53220 Milwaukee WI 53221 53222 53223 53224 53225 Milwaukee WI 53226 53227 53228 53233 53234 Milwaukee WI 53235 53237 53244 53259 53263 Milwaukee WI 53267 53268 53274 53278 Milwaukee WI 53288 53290 53293 53295 Oak Creek WI 53154 River Hills WI 5320953217 South Milwaukee WI 53172 Saint Francis WI 53235 Shorewood WI 53211 South Milwaukee WI 53172 St Francis WI 53235 West Milwaukee WI 53214 53215 53219 Wauwatosa WI,53210 53213 Wauwatosa WI 53222 53225 Wauwatosa WI 53226 West Allis WI 53214 53219 West Allis 53227 West Milwaukee WI 53214 53215 53219 Whitefish Bay WI 53211 53217.
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    Find a Local Contractor
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