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Wisconsin (WI) Contractors Carpenters – Count on WI Contractors carpenters to identify local carpenters that offer the full line of carpentry services including structural carpentry, finish carpentry and trim carpenters with master carpenter oversight and supervision of projects.  If your construction project employs highly skilled tradesmen such as plumbers, electricians, bricklayers, plasterers, and tilers, you will want to rely upon construction carpentry that is in the old-world tradition, with apprenticeship work carefully reviewed and graded by master artisans.

Wisconsin (WI) Contractors Carpenters construct, erect, install and repair structures and fixtures made from wood and other materials.  Working from blueprints or instructions, carpenters first do a layout—measuring, marking and arranging materials so that they meet local building codes.  They cut and shape wood, plastic, fiberglass or drywall using hand and power tools; then, they attach or join the materials with nails, screws, staples or adhesives.  The final step is to check the accuracy of their work with levels, rules, plumb bobs, framing squares and surveying equipment, making any necessary adjustments to ensure a quality installation.  Prefabricated components such as stairs or wall panels make carpentry tasks easier.  Typically, carpenters will construct wooden forms for pouring concrete, frame walls and partitions, install doors and windows, construct stairways, install cabinets and molding and more detailed work such as furniture repair/restoration.  They can often switch from residential work to commercial construction or remodeling.

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